• An appropriate domain name (yourcompany.com) is very important. We will work with you to select yours, and submit it for registration. At that time we can park that name until your site is ready to be published.

  • To design your web site we need to understand your company's services and/or products. With that in mind we plan a strategy with objectives of what your site will need to accomplish your goals.

  • We gather the necessary information to put your site together. Just what content you feel is needed and necessary for your site. Who your intended audience is, and just how you want your presence on the web to be felt.

  • The design work begins! Logo design and scanning services are available. We can also use most formats of existing artwork you may have.

  • We put together an private preview of your site via CD or an unpublicized entrance from the web. 

  • After you have viewed your site we discuss any changes and/or additions that need to be made. The changes are made, and the new information is re-published. This process continues until your site meets with your approval.

  • At that time we will help you chose an appropriate host server. Then we publish your site with access to the public available on the world wide web via your domain name (yourcompany.com)

  • We add meta tags to each page and list your web site with the major search engines. Promotion of your site begins now!!!

  • Within a short amount of time you will be enjoying the benefits of being on the Internet.

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